Sunday, April 18, 2010

MudBug Dash & Birthday Bash

Saturday morning a few of us ran in the 1st Annual MudBug 5k Dash that benefited the Palmer Home for Children here in Hernando. It was such a great success with almost 200 participants!

Way to go Ginna (in the middle)! She's 18 weeks pregnant and was such a trooper!

(L to R) Ashley, Ginna, Jessica & Me sporting our J. Cox Orthodontics race day shirts. Jessica was one of the presenting sponsors, so we were so proud to wear her shirt.

After the race Ella & I headed to Collierville for Will Chittom's 2nd birthday! Nick couldn't go because he was busy installing a drainage system in our backyard. Fun, fun! Ella was on the go the entire time. We had a blast celebrating that sweet boy's birthday!!

riding with the birthday boy

Will's new tractor

Steph & Miss Priss

getting a ride from Reed

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Family Affair

Nick takes a lot of pride in the way our yard looks. I guess he doesn't have a choice since he has a degree in Agronomy...right? We decided that Ella's 2nd birthday will be in our backyard this year. No pressure Nick...ha! Before Ella came along Nick & I would always work in the yard together. We still do but now with a little one in toe you have to get creative. Nick bought Ella some sand & put it in a baby pool to keep her busy. She played in it for a while but was more interested in the black mulch. I thought I took a picture of her playing in her makeshift sandbox but I didn't :( (sorry Daddy) Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Perfect Weather

I LOVE this time of year! It's not too cold and not too hot. Ella is ALWAYS on the go and loves being outside. As soon as she finishes her breakfast, she's standing at the door ready to go. Her new favorite thing to do outside is jump on our neighbor's trampoline. Just thought I would share some pictures from yesterday.

giving Dallas kisses through the door

showing Daddy some love

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We went to Clarksdale yesterday to go to church with my family for Easter. After church we ate a nice lunch at my parent's house and Ella hunted some eggs. Then Nick took Ella to his parent's house to visit. She played so hard and was exhausted by the time they got home.
Enjoy the pics!

Just the 3 of us

my sweet mom gave Ella a pig and an angel for Easter

ready to go hunt the eggs that Pops dyed

yes, she really did

getting a ride from Papaw

swinging with Grandma

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Day At The Farm

Nick & I took Ella to Cedar Hill Farm Friday afternoon after her nap. She hunted for eggs, fed the animals at the petting zoo, went on a hay ride, rode a pony, & saw the Easter Bunny. She is at such a fun age right now! We just love it! She had a blast and so did we!

I tried to keep the picture posting to a minimum...sort of.

Ella & Daddy on the hayride


carrying her Easter basket like such a big girl

getting coached

She tried to make a run for the woods, so Daddy had to go get her

hunting for eggs will make you so thirsty

She kept saying, "PIG!"

calling the turkeys...too funny!

She was really excited to see the Easter Bunny...we were pretty shocked. She gave him high fives.

Ella & Mommy riding on the train

She LOVED the pony!

Linsey came by to bring Ella an Easter happy. She gave her a potty book, bubbles and a puzzle. She is the best!! Thanks again, Lins!!

having a little conversation

talking on Linsey's phone

Later that night we went to dinner at the Mesquite Chop House.
It was so yummy!

Linsey, Jessica and Me