Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby On The Way

Sunday I went to Memphis for a baby shower for my friend Liz. She and her husband Jason are expecting a baby boy in October. She got some adorable gifts, and the food & hostesses were great also. Parker is very lucky to have Liz as his mommy.

Samantha, Me, Liz, & Jennifer

Saturday, July 18, 2009

11 Months

Well, another month has passed us by. I can't even deal (big sigh). Not a lot has changed since last month. Teething has definitely kicked up a few notches. She has 2 molars coming in on the bottom. I do anything and everything I can to keep her happy. It just breaks my heart to watch her in so much pain. She refuses to eat the Gerber veggies...only the fruits. She pretty much eats what we eat now. She is definitely not picky like her mama. She can wave bye-bye, blow kisses, and shake her head "no" when I tell her not to do something. She just amazes me everday with what she is capable of learning.

I am officially in birthday mode. My friend Ginna came by a couple days ago to show me the invitation, and it is PERFECT! I picked out the colors, wording, etc. and she couldn't have done a better job. I also stopped by Itty Bitty to order her birthday outfit. She is going to look absolutely precious in it. I can't believe she will be a year old next month.

Baby In The Mirror

A few days ago I started telling Ella to "kiss the baby in the mirror". I showed her what to do, and she caught on quickly. Now she "kisses the baby" in every mirror she sees. It is probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen, and it just melts my heart.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


We celebrated the 4th yesterday with Nick's family. We had a great time visiting, eating, and relaxing while Grandma & Papaw chased Ella around. By the time we got home she was exhausted. We tried to keep her awake long enough to watch the fireworks, but that didn't happen. She did get a chance to see some fireworks earlier in the day, and she loved it! I can't wait to take her to watch the fireworks at Snowden Grove next year. Maybe by then she will be big enough to really know what's going on.

She loves her Uncle Kurt, and I think the feeling is mutual.

Her new thing...she points at everything.

The blue & white outfit that I bought her was slightly too big :(
At least she wore white.

showing out

Daddy's girl a light