Saturday, June 27, 2009


I just want to give a quick shout out to my AMAZING hubby. Today is his 29th birthday. That's right...almost 30.
Ella & I love you so, so much!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Carter

Ella & I went to Memphis yesterday to visit Steph & Carter and take them some goodies. It feels like just yesterday when Ella was that small. I really miss that "new baby" smell. He was so sweet, and I could have just eaten him up. Ella had fun playing with all of Will's toys, and Steph and I had fun catching up. We can't wait to visit them again REAL soon.

I miss those Paty gown days

Ella didn't know what to think about Baby Carter.

Miss Independent took a break from visiting to hop on Will's 4-wheeler (all by herself).

She is such a mess!

Will's backpack & Carter's sweet
lion lovie that Ella gave them

Thursday, June 18, 2009

10 months

My baby girl is 10 months old. How did this happen? When you can no longer find footed pjs in a size 12 mo, that's when you know they aren't babies anymore. I really don't have anything new to report this month. She is definitely teething though. Two more are trying to pop up. I have a feeling she will be walking soon. Lord knows I am not ready for that to happen just yet.
My mom had a doctors appointment today in Southaven, so my dad and Cam tagged along. Ella & I met up with them for lunch at O'Charley's. After our bellies were full we ran some errands and then headed home. These are just a few 10 month pics. Enjoy!
Happy Thursday!!
Munchin' on a mum mum & sippin' on juice

heading to the pool

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Linsey Tucker

Linsey stopped by to visit us on her way to Memphis today, and Ella was a complete show out. She just had to show Linsey how she walks behind her walker (baby stroller). She crawls over to it, pulls up, and then she's off. Linsey was very impressed. If only I could teach her how to put her toys away when she's finished playing with them...we would be set. After we visited for a while, we did some shopping and then Linsey headed to Memphis.
We already miss you so please come back soon!!

what can I say...the girl loves to take pictures. LOL

Keith Urban

For my mom's "early" birthday (it's not until August) I took her & my dad to see Keith Urban in Memphis. I went to his concert with Linsey a couple years ago and promised my mom that I would get tickets for his next concert. He was great the first time but even better the second. Sugarland opened up for him and they were awesome too! Nick took one for the team and stayed at home with Ella so mama could have a night out. Thanks Nick!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cam's Big Day

Uncle Cam received The Sacrament of Confirmation yesterday at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Greenville, MS. We ALL were there to support him, and he did such a great job. Cam looked so handsome in his suit and Ella looked absolutely precious in her heirloom dress. I was a little hesitant about how she would behave during the 2 hour ceremony. She bounced around from lap to lap, ate about 50 Gerber puffs, had a mini-meltdown, and then we headed back. We stopped in Clarksdale to give her a little break and then hit the road again.
Ella & Dada

Cam and his sponsor Michael

Trying to get her to cooperate. Bless her heart.

Family Pic

a very tired little girl


Happy Birthday Caroline!

Ella & I took a road trip to Oxford Saturday for Caroline's 1st birthday. I can't believe a year has already passed. Ella had her first taste of cake & ice-cream (I know...shocker). Caroline got some great gifts and ate lots of cake. Michelle did a fantastic job planning the party, and we had a blast!

Yes, that's my child wearing a bithday hat.
She won't even wear her sun hat or shoes anymore.


Ella & Mama

Typical picture...I'm pretty sure Ella pulled some hair out.
At least we tried.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ella's First Swim

Today ended up being a nice day after the rain passed. We went to Allison's house for Ella's first swim. She did so great...I didn't expect anything less. That little girl is FEARLESS! Nick stopped by to see his baby swim and take some pictures. Enjoy!